Zoning the Room with Lighting

Post On: 12 November 2017
November 12, 2017
Zoning the Room with Lighting

Zoning of premises – is a kind of design technique which helps to divide a premise into different functional parts without using walls. It demarcates the space without breaking the general ensemble of the interior design.

This method is used for different premises. Zoning can divide a big room into smaller parts to make it cozier and accent correctly without changing the overall conception. In the case the room is small, it allocates the functional areas correctly in order to gain greater comfort, without stealing treasured meters.

This design technique is very popular nowadays. Zoning can be performed in different ways, though there are two of them which are the most common:

  • architectural zoning is performed with the help of various constructions (podiums, arches, partitions;
  • visual zoning is performed with the help of light and color (different lamps, wallpapers, etc.);


Today we are going to speak about zoning with lighting. This method is easier and very effective.

As you know, lighting is one of the principle points in any kind of interior design. It can be natural (windows, balconies) and artificial (lamps). At the same time, artificial lighting can be general (lamps, chandeliers), local (it gives light to a particular place: standard lamps, floor lamps, braces) and decorative (it highlights and accents different design objects: pictures, niches, etc.).

Thus, you can easily allocate those functional zones which are more active (with bright lighting) and divert attention from the parts which you want to be, so to say, hidden, in order to make them quiet and calm (with the help of muffled light).

The color of this functional lighting is one more important thing. For example, bright white light excites nervous system and intensifies mental activity. Mild yellow light can help you to relax and your eyes to rest.


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