The Most Popular BBQ Types

Post On: 22 January 2017
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January 22, 2017
The Most Popular BBQ Types

Preparing barbecue is not just a process of cooking, it is a kind of a ritual. A whole family or a company of friends is gathered in the garden; people are having fun and discussing different problems while cooking different goodies, here they cannot do without barbecue, of course!

There are several types of barbecues. Each of them has its own peculiarities and functions.

To make the right choice, you should take into consideration the following factors: the garden area, the place of location, a kind of device (stationary or mobile device), and the type of fuel used.

Mobile (portable) BBQ

It’s just a godsend for a picnic! Its construction is pretty simple and is folded in a plastic suitcase. This kind of device is consisted of a roaster and a lattice for it. Such kind of BBQ is easy to use, without different additional elements and functions.

BBQ in the form of boiler

It is American BBQ type. Its construction is more difficult. A lid has a form of a dome. When it is closed, this kind of BBQ has the functions of an oven. You can cook many different dishes here.


This design is complex. Such kind of BBQ has two types depending on the working surface (stationary or foldaway).

Stationary BBQ

It is a kind of masterpiece! It is made of bricks or stones. This is not only a device for preparing food, it is also an element of design. There are many additional details here (different shelves, surfaces and a dinner table, sometimes).

BBQ on gas

Such BBQ is more suitable for a café or a restaurant, as it has both- barbecue and grill functions.

Electric BBQ

It is BBQ for home. It has little sizes, so can be placed just on the table. Its design is pretty simple and ut has no additional functions.


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