The Installation of Electric Wiring in a Private House

Post On: 11 November 2017
November 11, 2017
The Installation of Electric Wiring in a Private House

Today electricity is not just one of the most important resources; it is an integral and essential part of our life. Such “vital” points as lighting, hot water supplying, heating, connection and conditioning depend on electricity. Computers, television and the internet, etc. – are also worth to be added to this list.
Wiring installation in a private house is one of the principal parts of general repair works. We hope that this short information will be useful for you, if this part is only to be done.
Let’s talk about the wiring scheme, at first. It is very important, as the wiring load in a private house is much greater than in an apartment, so the scheme should be thought out very carefully. You must take into consideration the location of electrical devices not only in the house, but also in other premises (a garage, a lumber room, a terrace, etc.) and in the yard.
There are two types of electric wiring. Speaking about the private house, you should choose the type with separation of electrical circuits. On the one hand it is more difficult in installation and more costly, on the other hand, it protects the network from overvoltage (it is very important for a private house).
The next important step is the separation of circuits by the amount of power consumption (sockets, lighting, other devices). Such electrical devices as: floor heating, boiler, sauna, etc., should be put in a separate power circuit.
Electric wiring can also be opened or closed (the opened type is obligatory for houses made of wood).
Electrical system consists of the following elements: electric meters, automatic machines, sockets, wiring, switches and consumers (electrical devices). It is also should be noticed that there is a risk of voltage interruptions, so it is better to buy the device for current stabilization.

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