The Beadboard Bathroom, a Vintage Touch to a modern Bathroom

Post On: 25 January 2015
January 25, 2015
The Beadboard Bathroom, a Vintage Touch to a modern Bathroom

Beadboard bathroom is perfect for people that want a touch of vintage in their bathroom. Bedboard is a type of wall board that is made from many different pieces of woods that is fitted together. Using bedboard in the bathroom is a trend for a bathroom design that can be used to give a classic look even in the most modern design of a bathroom. The vertical lines draw by the bedboard will always bring the style to the space. However, there are many beadboard styles that you may choose to apply it on your bathroom.

The ordinary, usual and the most versatile style of bedboard that is able to place on almost every design of bathroom is Plain Wainscoting. The beadboard will be installed to the waist height, leaving the wall space above to be painted freely with any colors. Top of the beadboard in this style will look good even with a simple rail molding finishing. Beadboard bathroom is not a bad idea, isn’t it? Other style is the Classic Cottage Beadboard, which can use the beadboard until a shoulder height. Floor-to-Celling beadboard even cover the wall fully with a bedboard.

Well, everyone have their preferences; choose the style that you like most. But don’t forget, installing a bedboard to the walls is not an easy task, especially in a bathroom. If you’re not applying it from scratch, you have to prepare the bathroom first. You’ll have to remove the mirror, toilet, and other bathroom things that may block your work. When everything is prepared, you can now install the beadboard. They may be easy to put together, but try as hard as you can to not to left a gap when you’re putting them in the wall with adhesive. It will ruin the look. Beadboard bathroom may be hard to get, but they’re worth the sacrifice

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