Interior Doors Types

Post On: 11 December 2017
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December 11, 2017
Interior Doors Types

Interior doors are one of the key elements in the interior design of every house or flat. If this construction is chosen wrong, it can spoil the impression from whole the design ensemble (even in the case it is made impeccably).

Today we are going to speak about the most common interior door constructions.


  •     Swing doors. This type is the most popular as it can be placed into every room. Swing doors consist of one or  two parts, as a rule. They are practical and strong. Though, don’t forget the fact that you should have some free space in order to open them wide. Swing doors can be made of different materials, starting with low-quality, so called “empty” materials, following by different wooden materials and ending with real wood and plastic.
  •    Sliding doors. The main function of these doors used to be space-saving. Sliding doors don’t need too much space at all. Though, the art of interior design is developing. Today such construction can look like a real masterpiece! Besides, sliding doors can be made of various materials, such as wood, plastic, glass or their combination. Decoration and design can also be different.
  •    Folding doors. This construction is similar to previous one. The difference is that a door leaf here consists of some parts which bend like “an accordion” during the opening. The disadvantage of this construction is that the doorway is not fully open. Design and decoration can be various as well, for example, you can put a picture or pattern on the door leaf. Folding doors are made only of wood or plastic (because of the construction peculiarities).

It is very important to choose the right type of interior doors. Listen to your own taste and opinion but don’t forget about the free space, you have, and the room features.

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