Interesting Variants of Bidet for the Bathroom

Post On: 21 October 2017
October 21, 2017
Interesting Variants of Bidet for the Bathroom

A bathroom has long ceased to be a purely functional room with boring decoration and simple design. Today, it is a full-fledged design object. All its elements and decoration are as carefully chosen as furniture for the living room or a bed for the bedroom. It is an important part of the overall interior of the house, which helps to form the general impression.

Today we are going to speak about one very prosaic element of the bathroom, about a bidet. It seems that nothing can be easier than this. Such an object can only perform its functions and nothing more.

It turns out that design idea and technical progress reached even the most secluded corners of your home!

At first, let’s talk about the form. Everyone will found something to his/her taste here: starting with smooth lines and rounded shapes, following with flat designs in the form of a bowl or plate and ending with strict and straight lines forming a clear rectangle (by the way, this variant is very popular today).

You can also experiment with color and pattern. For example, let’s imagine the bathroom designed in classical style with different shades of white. The bidet design which is complimented by golden floral ornamentation will create right accent and look wonderful in this interior.

It is also worth saying about some new technical characteristics and advantages of bidet, nowadays. Everything is done for your comfort and convenience. Among all these innovations we want to highlight the following:

-the function of seat height adjustment;

-the function of air aromatization;

-the function of water temperature change;

Due to the technical progress and designer creative common and boring things can change beyond recognition! They can make our life more comfortable and deliver us aesthetic pleasure everyday!


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