How to Make Good Lighting in the Garden

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December 11, 2016
How to Make Good Lighting in the Garden

A private yard is a place for relaxation, rest, family dinners and entertainment. All these activities take place not only during the daytime, but also when it is already dark. That’s why it is very important to organize proper lighting in the garden. Besides, correct highlighting helps to create unforgettable atmosphere and wonderful look of the garden with all its decorative landscape elements.

There are two main types of garden lighting: functional and decorative.

Functional Garden Lighting

Speaking about the principal function of such lighting, one should admit, that it is safe movement in the garden during dark hours. It is possible to focus here on the main elements and buildings of the yard (a house, a garage, an alcove and an entrance to the yard) and garden paths. In the case of the territory of the garden is small, one can just confine himself to lighting only paths (placing lamps evenly lengthwise them).  Incandescent light bulbs and modern energy-saving bulbs will be suitable for this purpose. Kinds and forms of lamps can also be different, but the most popular are a floor lamp and a lamp in the form of sphere.

Decorative Garden Lighting

When it is getting dark, everything loses its shape and beauty. Even a well-groomed and the finest garden will lose its image. Making decorative lighting in the garden, one can choose its appearance and style at night, to his own taste. Flowerbeds, a pound, a lake, a fountain and other landscape elements can be highlighted. Wonderful aesthetic effect can be got while highlighting trees, bushes and plants (little floodlights are mounted into small holes in the ground). Hidden garden lighting is a new modern trend. Led garden lights are used for this purpose. Low-voltage led bulbs can be attached to any support (a branch, a stone, a building). The concept is that all the elements shine of their own, nobody sees garden lights! It creates the effect of weightless and flimsiness.

As you see, there are many different types of outdoor garden lights. Everyone chooses the proper kind, depending on the peculiarities of the territory and personal purposes and demands.



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