How to get a Waterproof Basement

Post On: 11 February 2015
February 11, 2015
How to get a Waterproof Basement

Waterproof basement is an important thing to have for a family in their house. A basement is the place where things that is not suitable—or impossible—to be put or stored above. Every basement, whether it’s unfinished, partially finished, or even finished one should be waterproof. Water leakage is one of the most popular problems for basement. Water come from many ways, either it’s from the pouring rain above or infiltrating from the ground below. A damp basement is not a comfortable place even if it is only used for storage.

Next thing to do in order to keep the water out of your basement is by coating your basement walls with water proofer or a water sealer. Drainage system may also help you with excess water in your basement. A drainage system will collect the water that gets inside your basement, and then by using a sump pump, the water will be directed out of the house. But it’s not so energy efficient and may not effective when facing a storm rain, and the worse case, power outage. This may lead you to another ways to keep the water out of your basement. Waterproof basement actually can be achieved in many ways.

Waterproof basement, as said before, can also be achieved without using any help from the machines. The most logic way is to redirect the flow of the water by making the ground next to your basement foundation slopes away from the basement, making the water have a hard time to reach your basement. Sometimes, your downspouts placement is the problem. When a downspout directs the water right in the ground next to your basement, what you’ll think will happen? Plants also give water a way to reach your basement foundation. Ensure that shrub and other plants to stay not too close to your basement.

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