How to design succulent garden

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January 30, 2015
How to design succulent garden

Succulent garden design will be very beautiful if we carefully consider the composition of the plant and place. It is perfect for those who have a medium yard. Besides that, it is also suitable for areas which have high temperature. However, those who live in cold regions could also make this by planting it in a container so that the air becomes warmer. To organize it, we must consider some important points, including the location, type of plant, a vast, and soil type.

The first thing to consider is to determine the location. Determining the location is very important in making a garden. Succulent plants cannot grow anywhere; therefore we have to choose a location that enables the plants to grow well. The second thing is to determine the type of plant. What types of plants that will be planted will affect its beauty. Then choose plants that have varying color. For example, green cactus plants would be more beautiful when paired with brightly colored plants such as red Schlumbergera. Then next is location. Actually to choose the location is not that hard. We can make it anywhere because it does not require a large place that itcan also be in a very narrow place. The next is the type of soil. The type of soil is very important because these crops are not grown in any place. This type of plant requires well-drained soil. However, these crops can also be grown in a few places, such as sand, dry soil, rocks, and ice overdraft.

Well, for those of you who are beginners just look for a convenient location. We also can add some additional elements such as gravel and small stones to make it look more beautiful. Succulent garden design will be very beautiful if we could complete the five elements.

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