How to Choose Ceiling Baguettes Correctly

Post On: 1 June 2017
June 1, 2017
How to Choose Ceiling Baguettes Correctly

When all the repairing works are left behind, we need to do some finishing touches, which are also very important. Such details will form the room and give it the completed view. One of these finish steps is fastening of ceiling baguettes.

First of all we should choose the type of ceiling baguettes; there are plenty of them in the market today. The main materials of such baguettes are:

  1. Plinth for ceiling made of this material is practical and cheap enough, besides its texture is matte and homogeneous, so it can be painted in any needed color. Such material is rather brittle, so you must be careful while fastening it.
  2. Plinth made of polyurethane is more expensive, but it is more firm. If your ceiling has many bends, this variant will be just perfect for you.
  3. Plinth made of wood looks noble and expensive, without any doubts. Such material is ecological. These ceiling baguettes will serve you for many years. Don’t forget about some special preliminary processing of such plinths.
  4. Plastic is one of the most optimal materials today. Plinths made of this material are practical, firm and flexible, besides they are suitable for all types of surfaces.

You should know some more important aspects while choosing ceiling baguettes. Ceiling skirting dimensions depend on the ceiling height (the higher it is – the bigger plinth you should choose). The main task of such structures is to hide some small unevenness and transition between walls and ceiling, in the case all these things are not critical, choose the plinth made of some flexible material. Don’t forget about the proper care of ceiling baguette,- it should be wiped gently with a damp cloth. The process of fastening of ceiling baguettes is rather simple, follow the instructions and do it yourself.

We hope that this information will be useful for you and help you to choose the right ceiling baguettes.

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