Hampton and Prima 60 Round Dining Table

Post On: 20 August 2014
August 28, 2014
Hampton and Prima 60 Round Dining Table

60 Round dining table is a popular term for certain type of dining table. It is circular dining table with exact diameter of 60 inches. This kind of dining table is old-styled furniture, yet in fact, some people (especially they who prefer classical than modern ones) still favored it. Just like other dining table, it has various model and design. If you want to know more about it, just keep reading on this article and move your sight into paragraph below!

As mentioned in the first paragraph, 60 round dining table is varied in designs and models. What are they? First kind of this dining table which may be the one of people’s favorite is “Hampton” Dining Table. It has 60 inches circular disc with gray color on the surface and medium brown on the lacquer. The supporting 4 footed column are big enough (about 8 inches diameter) to ensure its safety and strength. The column is painted and furnished into brown just as the lacquer. This table is made of 100 percent acacia woods. You can make this table with measurement of 60 inches (wide) x 60 inches (deep) x 31 inches (high) yours by spending not less than $2100.

In the second list, there is “Prima” 60 Round Dining Table. This round dining table’s design is originally come from France. It is round dining table with top circular disc made of copper (natural, without additional paint or furnish), supported by French style feet made of stainless iron painted in black. Its dimension is almost the same with Hampton, just one inch different in the height (60 inches wide x 60 inches deep x 30 inches high). However, its price is almost two times more expensive than the first one, $3600. Of course there are still many models of them, but due to space issue this article can only give you two lists. If you are not satisfied, just go online and find them via search portal.

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