Durable Parquet Floor

Post On: 8 February 2017
February 8, 2017
Durable Parquet Floor

Preparing to make repairs, you should think carefully about all the details and aspects beforehand. Everybody has different facilities and resources. Though, there are thing which mustn’t be cheap, it is unwise. This concerns flooring. Such part of the interior design has not only aesthetic, but also practical value. Besides, flooring forms opinion about the space in general (scientifically proved, that a person looks under his/her feet at first and only after that, looks upwards).

Parquet floor is very popular and time-tested. Such flooring is very durable, practice and easy to clean. Because all its “pluses” parquet isn’t a cheap material. Parquet floor has a pretty complex structure. Its upper layer is made of natural precious wood, such as oak, beech, ash or cherry. One more advantage of parquet floor is that it can be processed in the way, you wish (varnished, frosted, gloss coated). After its mount and all these processes, this flooring can be exploited almost immediately.

Speaking about the premises, which are the best for parquet floor, there should be allocated living-rooms, cabinets, dining-rooms and bedrooms. It also can be used in the hallway, but don’t forget, that parquet floor is afraid of water (be careful with cleaning). Thanks to its complex structure, this type of flooring is very durable and lasting; it is also stable to geometric deformation.

Speaking about the last tendencies in parquet floor design, it should be noted, that “old”, “ancient” parquet is very popular today. Such an effect is reached industrially imitating the “aged” look and different defects. After all these processes, an upper layer is more relief and its structure is crisper. The advantage of this kind of parquet flooring is that all scratches and different things which can appear during its exploitation are almost invisible.


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