Create a Good Focal Point with Unique Bathroom Vanities

Post On: 11 February 2015
February 11, 2015
Create a Good Focal Point with Unique Bathroom Vanities

Unique bathroom vanities are your best bet when you want to have a new look over your bathroom. A bathroom vanity is a cabinet placed under the bathroom sink. It can be considered as the combination of the bathroom sink and everything around it that act as a storage. It main purpose is to act as a storage for any bathroom appliances, as well as plumbing tools that may need to be concealed in some design. It is very important to choose the right bathroom vanity as the size and usage of them in the bathroom are intense, and may become the main focus when someone looking the bathroom.

Bathroom vanities made from materials that are waterproof and able to resist moisture as they’re placed probably in an extremely wet place in the house. Because the importance of it, and its potential to become the centerpiece of the bathroom, there are many variety of the bathroom vanities one can choose. Unique bathroom vanities are not so hard to find, you can find them in many size and form. Finding the one that elaborates with the design of your bathroom is the most important thing to be noted if you want to get one in your bathroom.

There are many examples of bathroom vanities that may become the main aesthetic point of a bathroom. One of them is a vanity that made mimicking a design of a classic piano. Other designs choose minimalist form in order to maximize the space, which specially designed for a small bathroom. Some has followed the oriental design. Another “crazy” idea is to make the vanity an aquarium filled with fish. Some even use recycled things such as unused bicycle that used as the stand for the vanity. Unique bathroom vanities will fill the hole a bathroom may have, completing the whole design in such fashion.

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