Classic Versions of Bathtubs and Showers

Post On: 7 December 2016
December 7, 2016
Classic Versions of Bathtubs and Showers

Love for classic is always a sign of good taste; it concerns not only art or clothes. Classic interior has been enjoying great popularity for many years and even centuries! Today we are going to speak about classic bathrooms and classical versions of bathtubs and showers, in particular. A classic bathroom is always elegant and modern, all you need, is to choose key elements and details in style. Besides, it is not important for other rooms to be in classic style, too.

A classic bathroom is pledge of comfort, coziness, calmness and complete relaxation. Speaking about the principal conception of a bathroom, designed in classic style, it includes calm colors, natural materials and traditional style of sanitary engineering, furniture and other accessories. White color is a favorite of this style, we can find it everywhere here, in different shades and combined with various details and materials in style. Using natural stones is one more popular design method. It creates the effect of luxury and chic.

Let’s consider the most important bathroom elements, a bathtub and a shower, in detail.

Classic Bathtubs

There are no any concrete standards and color or form requirements. The only thing, you should forget about, is avant-garde or any bold design decision. Oval and rectangular shapes are the most popular among all the classic versions. The principal things are streamlined form, right and straight lines. Color palette is varied, from snow white to noble dark tone. Bathtubs combined with copper details, such as legs and other accessories, are really gorgeous. Nowadays, bathtubs in classic style are made of different materials: acrylic, natural stone, cast iron, copper and bronze.

Classic Showers

Traditionally, a shower room is circumscribed by glass walls (transparent or matte) for good visual effect. Metal accessories must be in harmony with faucets, taps and other details. Marble tiles of elegant calm tones, inside the shower room, will create wonderful and pleasant atmosphere and help to relax. It is preferable for classic style to choose golden, silver or bronze faucets, taps and other metal bathroom amenities.



Gallery of Classic Versions of Bathtubs and Showers

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