Choosing the Right Basement Window Well Covers

Post On: 10 February 2015
February 10, 2015
Choosing the Right Basement Window Well Covers

Basement window well covers are the one responsible to protect your basement. Protect from what? It will protect your basement window well from mainly debris and other potential foreign things that able to clog your drain system. It is not made to protect your window well from water. Basement window well is originally have the purpose as the place where the water accumulate and then drains it to the ground, this means a bad drainage system will always give problems in the basement regarding the water leaks for the householder. If you want to keep your basement dry, you’ll have to ensure that you choose the right cover.

Basement window well covers are one of the important parts of the basement that you can install and leave for the rest of your life. That was the false popular opinion most householders have. While it is able to withstand debris such as leaves or lawn clippings, or even animals like birds or your pet that may fall into them, the window well covers won’t last too long without any adequate maintenance. The choice of the window well covers should also be considered. Bad quality will always give you unwanted results.

Choosing the right window well covers is important as it may decide whether your basement will be easily flooded or not. Materials are the main consideration here. Clear plastic bubbles are the most popular, yet, not so economical as it get damaged easily and should be replaced periodically. Polycarbonate, steel, or aluminum is your bet. The ability to support some weight should be considered also. This isn’t as important as the material, but it may prove useful when some unwanted accident happen. Basement window well covers are important in order to allow a basement to save energy by having a natural light source but keeping it dry at the same time.

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