Best Materials Used in Dining Room Table Pads

Post On: 21 August 2014
August 29, 2014
Best Materials Used in Dining Room Table Pads

Dining room table pads may just a piece of pad, but it absolutely can be considered as important furniture tools if you love your dining table. As you know, dining table is exposed to these kinds of risk: 1. Heat 2. Scratches 3.Spills; Heat can be conducted by hot dishes such boiled coffee or tea, casseroles, soup, etc. Your table can be permanently marred due to those things. Second are scratches. Accidental scratches from fork, spoon, or knife sometimes cannot be prevented. No matter how careful people is. And the last is the most likely thing to occur, spills. Once water or any liquid spill over your table, it can destroy its beautiful surface.

So, this is the time for dining room table pads to show its shine. Good table pads can protect most of all those problems above. Usually table pads use vinyl on the top, atlas insulation on the middle/filling/inner, and fabric for the bottom. Vinyl is chosen as the most outer part of the table pads because it is the part where contacts with the risk factors occur; and vinyl is considered as strongest and most versatile materials to deal with them. Vinyl can protect up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit of heat. It is way much better than linen, which was believed as best material some years ago. Linen can only withstand approximately 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best fillings or insulation for dining room table pads is atlas material. It is a material similar to Styrofoam but with softer and more flexible texture. Atlas is chosen over flake, chip, fiber or core board because it is lightest one, and it can never hurt or scratches your table. Meanwhile, the best material to be existed in the bottom of the table pads is velour fabric. It is famous for its longevity, durability and tenderness.

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