Baroque Style in Interior Design

Post On: 12 September 2017
September 12, 2017
Baroque Style in Interior Design

This wonderful style of interior design appeared in Italy in 16-17 century. The meaning and essence of Baroque style lie in the translation of this word (in Italian means elite, artsy).
Interior design made in Baroque style is distinguished by special chick, splendor and spatial scale.
Speaking about the types of material and fabric, which are widely used in this style of design, it should be admitted that they are gorgeous, noble and posh, too. You can see velvet, brocade, tapestries and different carpets with smooth pile, here. Walls are often decorated with stucco molding and various paintings. You should not forget about other elements which will be wonderful addition to the interior: monogram, fringe and other details decorated with gilding and Lurex. Now, you understand, that it is rather difficult to translate the idea of Baroque into reality, but if you have already chosen this very style and have fallen in love with it, you will do all your best to reach the goal!
Speaking about furniture, it must obey the general stylistics, as well. Polishing and threading of wood are very important here. Furniture, made of soft walnut, is perfect for this purpose (it is suitable for these finishing works). Gilding and bronze are often used in furniture decoration; elements made of ivory will also look wonderful and give some richness.
Lighting is one of the main components, it creates some special atmosphere. It must be soft and muffled, imitating candlelight, as it was originally used. Choose luxurious chandeliers and candelabra for this style of interior design.
Color plays here an important role, too. The chosen tones should be noble: dark green, deep blue, purple, different shades of burgundy and terracotta. Majestic golden color rules a ball!
Marble is often used as floor finishing.
Natural theme will help to emphasize beauty, origin and essence of Baroque. It can be used in wall decoration. Chandeliers, baguettes and candelabra can also have various details in the form of flowers, leaves and fruits.

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