4 Important Thing in French Garden Design

Post On: 29 January 2015
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January 29, 2015
4 Important Thing in French Garden Design

French garden design is a design of garden with a French style. If you want to make a different garden with an amazing look, you should make a French garden. French garden is combining the plants and the geometry. It means when you make the design, you should know what it looks like and what it shapes. Beside that you should have a big space to make a beautiful French garden. However, there are five important things that you must know before making a design of French garden.

The first thing is you have to know the concept. Most of the French garden must be full of flowers and plants. Furthermore, you have to think about the supporting aspects such as soft grass, walls, and stones. When you have known what the concept is, you should know the second thing, it is about geometry. As mentioned above, French garden combines plants and geometry, you should make a beautiful landscape. For example, you want to make a labyrinth in the middle of your garden, or maybe whatever you want. French garden design should be beautiful not only by the flowers and plants but also by the unique concept.

Third thing that you have to know is mix and match. Realize that flowers and plants are totally different, and you have to combine it well. Use the plants as the wall of your garden, and then use the flowers to make the garden becomes more colorful. The more you can mix and match it, the more beautiful your garden is. The fourth thing you should make is a place for relaxing. Exactly, you need a place to enjoy and relax the garden. Do not forget to design it well guys! French garden design is easy isn’t? If so, let’s design it and make it true!

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